Tirsdag den 17. marts 2015

The Taxidriver, the cook & the greengrocer

Rapport af: Santina Bertone m.fl. for the Australia Council


Land: Australien


Summary version report of the Taxidriver, the Cook and the Greengrocer: The representation of non-English speaking background people in theatre, film and television published by the Australia Council for the Australian arts community.

In a multicultural society such as Australia’s, the arts can and do play many important roles. The findings of this report prompt some fundamental questions about how well and how fully the arts community draws upon the extraordinary diversity in our community. It asks how we react to and what we experience on our stages and screens and ultimately how we then present ourselves on the world stage.


The Council’s purpose in commissioning this study is to provide every reader with a clear picture of the current reality of creative activity which reflects our diverse society. It was commissioned in 1997 and has three components to the research:


• Statistical analysis of ABS data from the 1996 census

• Survey of responses from a questionnaire to the Australian theatre sector

• Interviews with members of the theatre sector



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