Tirsdag den 17. marts 2015

Third Text

Magasin: Third Text


Third Text is a bimonthly international scholarly journal offering critical perspectives on the visual art. Founded in 1987.

The magazine has made an effort to move past eurocentricity and Western domination within the field.  It provides a forum for the discussion and review the theories and practices of the arts in the light of globalization and also for the work of marginalized artists based on their minority status. 


A writer at Chimurenga Library writes that, “the journal has played an important role not only in liberating already colonized discourses, but also in prompting the coloniser to ‘decolonise his/her mind’”, which is one of the goals of the editors of Third Text. 


In addition to the journal, Third Text occasionally produces various larger reports or publications, including Beyond Cultural Diversity: The Case for Diversity covering other topics like, ecoaesthetics (art and climate change), internationalism in the arts and the black art movement. 






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