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Australiens officielle flerkulturpolitik

Policy paper af: Australiens regering

16. februar 2011


‘Australiens befolkning – Australiens flerkulturpolitik’ blev lanceret den 16. februar 2011. Den viser, at den australske regering er opmærksom på og anerkender vigtigheden af, at Australien er en kulturelt mangfoldig og en socialt sammenhængende nation.

      ‘Australiens befolkning – Australiens flerkulturpolitik’



The People of Australia – Australia's Multicultural Policy (PDF)


Multicultural is a term that describes the cultural and linguistic diversity of Australian society. Cultural and linguistic diversity was a feature of life for the first Australians, well before European settlement. It remains a feature of modern Australian life, and it continues to give us distinct social, cultural and economic advantages.

Australia’s multicultural policy, The People of Australia, was launched in Sydney on 16 February 2011.  It is a landmark policy that demonstrates the government’s unwavering commitment to a multicultural Australia.  As the policy states, our multicultural composition is at the heart of Australia’s national identity and intrinsic to our history and character.

The policy embraces our shared values and cultural traditions.  It recognises our rights and responsibilities as enshrined in our citizenship pledge and supports the rights of all Australians to celebrate, practise and maintain their cultural heritage, traditions and language within the law and free from discrimination.

Australia’s multicultural policy acknowledges that government services and programs must be responsive to the needs of our culturally diverse communities. It commits to an access and equity framework to ensure that the onus is on government to provide equitable services to Australians from all backgrounds. Australia’s multicultural character gives us a competitive edge in an increasingly globalised world.  Multiculturalism is about all Australians.

This vision is reflected in the four principles that underpin this multicultural policy:

There are three important new initiatives that support the policy:

  1. The Australian Multicultural Council (AMC) – a new independent body to replace the current Australian Multicultural Advisory Council. The AMC will advise and consult on policies and emerging issues to inform a national multicultural Australian strategy.
  2. A National Anti-Racism Partnership and Strategy – a partnership arrangement between various government departments. It will include extensive consultations with non-government organisations and draw together expertise on anti-racism and multicultural matters.
  3. A Multicultural Youth Sports Partnership Program – a program to connect youth from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds into neighborhood sports and community organisations.





A Multicultural Australia

All Australians share the benefits and responsibilities arising from the cultural, linguistic and religious diversity of our society.

Australia's Multicultural Policy

Australia's new multicultural policy was launched by the government on 16 February 2011.

Programs and Publications

The government's cultural diversity programs and publications.

Whole-of-Government approach

Information on Australian government agencies’ contributions to building social cohesion.

Australian Multicultural Council

The Australian Multicultural Council was officially launched by the Prime Minister, the Hon Julia Gillard MP, on 22 August 2011 at Parliament House in Canberra.

Australian Multicultural Advisory Council

The former Australian Multicultural Advisory Council advised the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship and the Parliamentary Secretary for Immigration and Multicultural Affairs on issues related to Australia's cultural diversity.

Harmony Day

Harmony Day is celebrated around Australia on 21 March. It is a day where all Australians celebrate cultural diversity and is also the United Nation’s International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. It's about community participation, inclusiveness and respect — a time to reflect on where Australia has come from, while also recognising the traditional owners of the land.

Calendar of Cultural and Religious Dates

A calendar of cultural, religious and national days and events.

Diversity and Social Cohesion Program

The Diversity and Social Cohesion Program (incorporating the former Diverse Australia Program and the National Action Plan to Build on Social Cohesion, Harmony and Security community grants) aims to provide an environment in which all Australians can develop a full sense of belonging and participate and contribute to Australian society.



The Response to the Recommendations of the Australian Multicultural Advisory Council in The People of Australia (PDF)

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