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Skotland: Kulturråd prioriterer mangfoldighed

Policy paper af: Scottish Arts Council

Juli 2002


I juli 2002 offentliggjorde det skotske kunstråd, Scottish Arts Council, en strategi for, hvordan det ville arbejde med kulturel mangfoldighed i den kommende femårs periode.

I Skotland udarbejdede Kunstrådet en 'Kulturel mangfoldighedsstrategi' for 2002-07, som skabte “en ny ramme, der gør rådet i stand til at takle de nye kunstneriske udfordringer og muligheder, der opstår i takt med forandringen af landets demografiske sammensætning.”

Kunstrådet fokuserede på tre indsatsområder, som skulle lede til en mainstreaming af kulturelt mangfoldige aktiviteter og øge mulighederne for publikum og kunstnere:

Kunstrådets mål:
• Increase the number and range of artists from culturally diverse communities working in Scotland
• Improve access to a wide spectrum of arts and cultural activities for minority ethnic people and the general population of Scotland
• Improve employment opportunitiesin the arts for those from minority ethnic backgrounds."



The Scottish Arts Council: Equalities a priority policy area

The Scottish Arts Council recognises Scotland’s diversity and wishes to reflect this in everything we do and everything we fund. We are working to end unfair discrimination because of age, disability, gender, race, religion/belief, and sexual orientation.


As we move towards the formation of the new culture body for Scotland, Creative Scotland, we have made Equalities a priority policy area. We intend to mainstream Equalities into all areas of our activities for the benefit of all those who take part in the arts and culture of Scotland, whether as employer, arts worker, professional artist, curator, producer, marketer, audience member, or as someone who participates in the arts.


The Equalities department’s aims are:


to facilitate access to the arts for everyone in Scotland – as artist, as arts worker and as audience member - aiming to overcome physical, intellectual, attitudinal, financial and cultural barriers to access to the arts.


to visibly promote diversity in the arts – diversity meaning cultural diversity, but also disability, age, gender, religious belief and sexual orientation.


to further develop the arts in health and wellbeing sector in Scotland, highlighting the benefits to individuals’ mental health and community wellbeing.


to develop, support and sustain a more diverse infrastructure for the arts in Scotland through developing organisations’ capacity to deliver Equalities


to provide leadership through best practice in our own organisation.


We will deliver our aims through a strategic programme of funding; working in partnership with key arts organisations and others to deliver arts programmes; offering training and career development opportunities; facilitating organisational development; and ensuring increased access. This should lead to greater visibility and availability of diverse and vibrant high quality arts in Scotland.


Cultural Diversity Fund
The primary aim of the Cultural Diversity fund is to enable organisations to develop, support and sustain a more diverse infrastructure in the context of a growing multiracial society and a changing economic and social climate.


We aim to support organisations to take a more inclusive approach to their work, either by way of new commission, collaboration and/or partnership as well as emergent black and minority ethnic (BME) artists and arts-led organisations towards achieving a full and permanent foothold in the arts environment.


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