Tirsdag den 17. marts 2015

Australien: SBS - 'Increasing our relevance to all Australians'

Policy paper af: SBS



Australsk public service tv, SBS, lavede i 2007 en fem-års-plan for, hvordan broadcasteren bedre kan afspejle Australiens flerkulturelle og mangfoldige samfund: SBS Corporate Plan 2007-2012. (34 sider)

In reflecting Australia’s multicultural and diverse society, SBS will provide content and services that deliver its Charter obligations, stimulate interest and are unique, relevant and accessible to all.
SBS Television broadcast programs in more than 53 languages on its main channel In 2007-08 SBS Television broadcast Australian and imported content across genres, representing over 150 cultures from around the world and within Australia.
In 2007-08, SBS continued its strong support of Indigenous content, transmitting 19½ hours of first run Indigenous productions and commissioning a further 14 hours of dramas, documentaries and entertainment programs for both production and development.
A 2008 survey found that SBS continues to play an important role in the media landscape and Australia more broadly. Almost 90 per cent of all Australians
agreed that SBS played an important role in today’s culturally diverse society, while virtually all SBS users with a culturally and linguistically diverse background believed that SBS played an important role.
The estimated potential population reach of SBS Radio services is approximately 62 per cent.