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Anna Lindh Report on Euromed Intercultural Trends 2010

Rapport af: Anna Lindh Foundation

7. februar 2011

Land: Egypten


“This is a pioneering tool for knowledge and action on cross-cultural relations in the Mediterranean region.”


Fra: Eleonora Insalaco [mailto:Eleonora.Insalaco@bibalex.org
 23. januar 2011 16:10
Emne: Euromed Intercultural Trends 2010 - The Anna Lindh Report - Tendances Interculturelles Euromed 2010 - Le Rapport Anna Lindh


Dear colleague,


We are writing from the Anna Lindh Foundation, an institution created in 2005 and shared by the 43 countries of the Union for the Mediterranean, with a region-wide network of over 3,000 civil society organizations and a mandate to bring people together as a way to promote dialogue between cultures.


We would like to bring to your attention the recently published Anna Lindh Report on Euromed Intercultural Trends 2010. This is a pioneering tool for knowledge and action on cross-cultural relations in the Mediterranean region. The Report combines a Gallup Public Opinion Poll gathering the voices of over 13.000 people across Europe and the southern and eastern Mediterranean region, with a wide range of analyses by a network of intercultural experts. The themes discussed in the Anna Lindh Report 2010 are at the heart of public debate at the international level, including: Differences and Similarities in Value Systems; the Religious Factor in Intercultural Relations; Media Treatment of Cultural Diversity; Human Mobility; the role of Culture in Mediterranean relations; Intercultural citizenship; Islam, the West and Modernity; the Union for the Mediterranean and regional cooperation.

Through combining the voice of the Region’s people with analysis from experts in over 20 countries, the Anna Lindh Report is an instrument in the hands of policy-makers, opinion-leaders and civil society providing proposals for the intercultural dialogue agenda and guidelines for intercultural action at the local and international level.


Please find the Anna Lindh Report in English here [pdf] or go to: 

Please log on to www.annalindhreport.org to access the French and Arabic version.


In addition we wanted to inform you that we have launched on our online portal an Intercultural Library gathering over 500 publications on issues related to intercultural relations in the Euro-Mediterranean region. We hope that this resource can be useful for you and we would appreciate receiving your suggestions for additional references to include.


To access the Intercultural Library please log on to http://www.euromedalex.org/trends/publication-search


One the portal we have also created a space for debate on issues related to intercultural relations in the Euromed region with a first discussion stimulated on the topic «A clash of ignorance - Are our differences and different perspectives too wide to bridge? How can we combat stereotypes and misperceptions?».


To take part in the Euromed debates please log on to


Finally, in February, we are planning to launch the Anna Lindh Intercultural Digest, a resource that will provide you with a selection of in depths articles, contextual information and expert analysis on issues and fields which are relevant for dealing with all the dimensions of intercultural dialogue: culture, education, cities and diversity, migration, religious dialogue, human rights, sustainable development, human mobility, peace and coexistence, among others. In light of your expertise on the topic we would very much appreciate receiving your suggestions for articles to be included in this intercultural review.


Please let us know if you would like to receive more information about the Report and if you would like to organize any initiative around this study.  


Best regards,


Eleonora Insalaco

Coordinator of the Anna Lindh Report

Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for the Dialogue between Cultures

P.O. Box  732 El Mansheya, Alexandria 21111 - Egypt

Tel: +20 3 4831832 or 4831953                            

Fax: +20 3 4812734

mail: eleonora.insalaco@bibalex.org   

Website: www.euromedalex.org



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