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Beyond Cultural Diversity: The Case for Creativity

Rapport af: Arts Council England

21. juli 2011

Land: England


This report, published in January 2011, is a compilation of essays from several members of cultural institutions including various art colleges and Tate Britain, commissioned by the diversity team at the Arts Council England.

The report is a part of the Arts Council’s ten year vision for the arts, which is: Achieving Great Art for Everyone.  It was written in response to the Britain’s failed cultural policy to examine what went wrong and why it failed using a 10-point programme of institutional, educational and policy reforms.  Using the diversity seen in British art after World War II,  the authors look into this topic which has hardly been researched since the 1970s.  In partnership with Third Text, the report is seen as a trial platform in order to produce a special issue for the publication discussing the global story of creative diversity in contemporary art (thirdtext.com/publications).  


‘Beyond Cultural Diversity: The Case for Creativity’ was published to expand the debate within the arts community about diversity to cover and include gender, sexual preference and those with disabilities.  It also calls for all members of the arts community (even to go so far as “everyone who cares about the future of the arts”) to make a contribution. The primary goal of the report is to “promote an equality of opportunity” by removing the boxes which diverse artists are often put in.  Additionally, they want others to recognize the benefits of diversity in the arts, particularly in the area of innovation.

In relation to the report, City University London, Arts Council England and Third Text presented a one-day conference on March 23, 2011 in London with topics on: Why the cultural policy failed, cultural diversity in the arts, what comes after cultural diversity, cultural diversity policy in practice and a case study of the topic in the Netherlands. 


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