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Fifteen good ideas - Diversity and inclusion in cities

Rapport af: Fundación Bertelsmann

30. marts 2012

Land: Canada


I globaliseringens æra og med en hidtil uset byvækst handler de gode historier om indvandring om åbne, inklusive byer, der skaber muligheder for alle og som skaber en håndgribelig følelse af engagement og muligheder. En ny rapport fra Fundación Bertelsmann kigger gennem en spansk linse på “the Cities af Migration” med en opsamling af højdepunkter og eksempler på god praksis inden for områder som unge, kultur, offentlige rum, uddannelse og politiet.

The twin forces of urbanization and global migration in cities around the world have created a rich field of action and experimentation on local integration strategies for immigrants. When integration is successful, the result is a strong economy, inclusive communities and a vibrant ‘cosmopolis.’
Cities of Migration aims to improve the integration of newcomers in urban areas through information sharing and learning exchange internationally and to become a catalyst for urban leadership on migration issues.

In this publication, Fundacion Bertelsmann presents a selection of ‘Good Ideas’ from the Cities of Migration initiative – outstanding practices from international cities that promote the integration of immigrants and city success. Each good idea includes success steps, resources for further research, city data and contact information. These tools are designed to help practitioners and policy makers become more knowledgeable and effective in their work and to encourage the transfer of good practices and new thinking from city to city.

Cities of Migration is an initiative of The Maytree Foundation in Canada, in partnership with the Fundacion Bertelsmann in Spain and other foundations in the United Kingdom, Germany, New Zealand and the United States.




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